Supply and Installation of Windows and Doors

Whether you desire Timber, PVC, Aluminium, Composite, Timber Alternative, Double Glazed or Triple Glazed, Solo Timber Frame can supply and fit your windows during the Frame Erection process. This enables your Self Build to be watertight and secure very quickly.

Supply and Installation of Windows and Doors Solo Timber Frame Homes

We have a wide range of brochures and samples at our offices and we’ll help you choose the right windows to suit your Self Build Timber Frame.

The Process

At quote stage, we need to know as much about your windows as possible. Your planning drawings should give us an indication of style but may not tell us the material, so it’s likely a conversation will take place to discuss your requirements.

Once your order has been placed, in discussion with you we’ll produce a detailed window schedule taking into account everything from colour to handle styles. This needs to be done quickly and efficiently as windows can have long lead times.

Toward the end of the frame erection process, we’ll arrange for the windows to be delivered and fitted by our specialist window installer ensuring your Timber Frame is secure as well as wind and watertight.