Self Build Case Studies

Solo Timber Frame was established back in 2003 and since them we’ve built 1,000’s of wonderful homes for our customers. Here we list a few of our favourites.

Case study 4 – Retirement Project

Our customers, a soon to be retired couple living in Oxford had lived in their existing home for many years. That home had a lovely large rear garden with good access down the side, and it was that garden that would be the key to their pension. Prior to contacting us, they’d engaged a local […]

Case study 3 – The birth of our Lansdowne Design and the birth of Solo Timber Frame

This one is close to the hearts of everyone at Solo Timber Frame as its the first house we built. Our customer knew we were a new company and took a leap of faith as they could see what we were trying to achieve. For that we are eternally grateful to them. The project was […]

Case study 2 – JV Development with a Solo Customer

An existing Solo Timber Frame customer who’d successfully built many developments with us approached us with a proposition. ‘I’ve found a great piece of land in Haywards Heath, but I’m already committed to other projects and would need a Joint Venture partner on this one. Are you interested?’ This is something we do occasionally, so […]

Case Study 1 – Demolition and Replacement of a Bungalow

This stunning Solo designed home with a high specification is located on one of Cheshires most sought after roads. Our lovely customers purchased an old fashioned bungalow and set about obtaining planning to replace it. It may seem a shame to knock down old homes, but very often it’s not economically viable to keep the […]