Case Study 1 – Demolition and Replacement of a Bungalow

This stunning Solo designed home with a high specification is located on one of Cheshires most sought after roads.

Our lovely customers purchased an old fashioned bungalow and set about obtaining planning to replace it. It may seem a shame to knock down old homes, but very often it’s not economically viable to keep the existing structure and the final product becomes a compromise.

Let’s take you through the decision making process that leads to that sometimes scary proposition of starting over again.

Clearly many old homes cannot be knocked over as they’re listed buildings, but if the building isn’t listed you have options. Assuming the house you’ve purchased is in a poor state of repair, the most obvious route is to modernise with a new kitchen and bathroom, but if the house would benefit from an extension then its worth being bold and looking at other routes.

Perhaps the existing house has a poor layout that an extension can’t easily fix, perhaps it has very little architectural merit, perhaps the structure needs so much work that it’s not worth keeping.
In this case it was a combinations of all three and when taking into account the VAT saving of building new versus modernisation, the decision was made.

Other projects are not so clear cut and need thought. We’d advise seeking advise from local Estate Agents on the potential value of the various options being considered. You also need to think long and hard about your own circumstances. Do you have the ability to move in to a caravan or rent another house whilst the work is being done? That adds cost, but is easier and far less stressful than living on a building site whilst builders crawl all over your home.

If you’re unsure which route to take, please ask Solo for genuinely impartial advice. We’d love for you to buy one of our Timber Frame homes, but if the project isn’t suitable, we’ll tell you and advise which route will suit you best.

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