Case study 4 – Retirement Project

Our customers, a soon to be retired couple living in Oxford had lived in their existing home for many years. That home had a lovely large rear garden with good access down the side, and it was that garden that would be the key to their pension.

Prior to contacting us, they’d engaged a local Architect to create a striking new bungalow. It was certainly striking, but it was also impossible to build within a reasonable budget. The original design had a narrow strip of glass between the top of the walls and the roof, the idea being that at night, the roof would appear to float. It was a bold idea, but we had to inform them that the amount of steel required to achieve it was cost prohibitive.

We had a plan though, and with the owners blessing we set about redesigning and value engineering the structure in a bid to create a similar look without the price tag. The answer was some high quality lighting just below the soffit area which when lit gave that all important floating look.

The house was featured in an issue of Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine.