Competition Winner & Entries – Week Eight

Weeks eights saw some brilliant entries into our Design Your Dream Home Competition. Please keep your entries coming as a winner is announced every Monday until the children return to school. You can find more information here

This week, Klaudia is the winner with her colourful floor plan. Well done Klaudia!

She’s chosen to send her £25 donation to BBC Children In Need

Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
Klaudia’s dream house has room a room with food dispensers . There’s a technology room with TV’s, tablets and phones. In another room there’s  a giant bed which is bouncy like a trampoline. There is also a library and an indoor swimming pool.

Here are some of the other entries we received…

Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
This is nine year old Millie Ray Farrow’s dream house. It has a fantastically detailed floor plan complete with elevator, relaxation room and pool table.

Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
Tis is 4yo Saskia’s dream house. Mum Kirsty says, as we love visiting the beach, and are missing it a lot at the moment, we decided to create a dream house out of sand near the rocks on a beach. When Grandad saw our design, he thought it looked a lot like a lighthouse so he brought us a bulb to add to the top! Saskia chose two really good rocks to make a door with a door handle and some shells for the windows. She also added a flag left over from our VE day celebrations and then used a watering can to make the tide come in. 
Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
No name on this entry, but with a garage almost the same size as the house, its certainly a dream man cave!

Many thanks to everyone who entered.
You can enter as many times as you like, so keep on trying.
Good luck!