Competition Winner & Entries – Week Six

We’re a bit late announcing the winner for week 6 and we are blaming technology 😉 Please keep your entries coming as a winner is announced every Monday until the children return to school. You can find more information here

This week, 5 year old Heidi is the winner with her Rainbow Palace. She’s chosen to send her £25 donation to a charity called More Than Words which is part of Willesborough Cricket Club. They are planning an incredible 5,676 mile bike ride from Ashford to Kolkata in India! You can find their Just Giving page here…

Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
Heidi’s Mum, Susie says her dream home is a Rainbow Palace with lots of rooms so that her family and friends can come and stay when she’s allowed to see them again. Well done Heidi!

Here are some of the other entries we received…

Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
This is Klaudia’s dream house.
It has a big hall with spiral stairs. On right is a library with a comfortable chair and on the other side is a big swimming pool. Upstairs is a big bedroom with a massive bed which is like a trampoline, the next room is a technology room with a TV, a console, a DVD player, etc. Last room had lots of dispensers for sweets, pizza, ice cream and lots more.
Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
This is 5yo Millie Holmes Fairy Home which she did all on her own.
Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
8yo Grace’s dream house is a house boat with lots of her favourite safari animals
Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
10yo Mia made her complex using all the Lego pieces lying around the house.
She says, this is my Lego Dream House where I would live with all my friends. We have a Living Room with TV and a R2D2 (Star Wars) assistant :). Bunk Beds, Bathroom and a Kitchen with ice cream machine! Outside we have a petting zoo and a little lagoon. A canoe and a car for travel.
Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
7yo Aarya made her dream treehouse using “abcya” games website that her school uses. She has described her house in the picture.

Many thanks to everyone who entered.
You can enter as many times as you like, so keep on trying.
Good luck!