Competition Winner & Entries – Week Ten

Many of the children are back at school, so the entries have been slowing down over recent weeks, nonetheless, week 10’s Design Your Dream Home Competition was as good as ever.

This week, 8yo Grace is the winner with her rainbow hospital home. It was her third entry and we’ve loved them all, but we love her determination even more!

She’s chosen to send her £25 donation to the Cornwall Air Ambulance.

8yo Graces rainbow hospital house
Here’s 8yo Graces rainbow hospital house.

Here are some of the other entries we received…

Spy and Fight School
Adam, who is five years old, has designed a ‘Spy and Fight School’ where spies like 007 would learn all their tricks. Adam and his family (mummy, daddy and his baby brother Aaron) would live on the top floor. The second floor would house a gym and a couple of different exercise rooms, while the kitchen would be on the ground floor.
There is even a shed in the garden. 

Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
6 year old son, Archie has spent a lot of time imagining his dream house and building it out of Lego! His dream house is actually a castle! It has a panther guard that lives in a cave (instead of a guard dog), games room, safe and armour room, and a trap door that leads into a dungeon. The trap door actually has a dual purpose and also catapults him out of bed on a morning! Upstairs it has a kitchen and a cave like bedroom. 
Other features are CCTV and a crane to knock any unwanted visitors away!

Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
This is Nyasha’s entry. She is 9 years old.
She wants to live in a castle and has made this from different coloured sand.

Many thanks to everyone who entered.
You can enter as many times as you like, so keep on trying.
Good luck!