Competition Winner and Entries – Week One

We’ve had some brilliant entries so far; please keep them coming as a winner will be announced every Monday until the children return to school. You can find more information here

In the first week, we’ve seen Lego, Duplo, Magformers, colouring in of our designs and a full blown floor plan complete with elevations. All fabulous and we thank you all.

The winner this week is 7yo Isabelle Bevan. Congratulations Isabelle!
She’s chosen to send her £25 donation to which is a Rabbit Rescue centre in the West Midlands.

Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
Its a wonderful fairytale home, complete with Mermaid Lagoon, Unicorn Stables, a bedroom for Peter Pan and a giant Teddy Store Room. We think young Isabelle has a glittering future as an Architect.
Some might say Isabelle’s ideas are easier to achieve than some Architects plans we’re asked to build 🙂

Here are some of the other entries received…

Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
Here is 4yo old Harrisons entry. He said it has 3 chairs 3 beds and lots of Windows to see outside. He’s even drawn his family which Mum, Maxine says are ‘slightly terrifying’.

Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
This amazing Lego creation really fits the description of a dream home. It includes an animal shelter, bedrooms for all her friends and a swimming pool!
Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
Made from Magformers, 4yo Ethan’s ‘almost round house’ has a separate playroom and a room in the roof where his bedroom is. Very colourful, though it might cause our Engineers a few sleepless night!
Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
5yo Max chose to colour in one of our adapted house designs. It even has curtains hung up. It looks wonderful, though we’re not sure if the planning department would approve of the bright colours.
Entry for 'Design Your Dream Home Competition'
Another design coloured in. 5yo Mia chose our floor plan. If you look closely all the rooms have different carpet designs. Very 1970’s!

Many thanks to everyone who entered.
You can enter as many times as you like, so keep on trying.
Good luck!